(Hon) Minister for Privatisation/Chairman, Privatisation Commission,Mr. Fawad Hasan Fawad


Mr. Fawad Hasan Fawad is the incumbent Minister for Privatisation of Pakistan. He was sworn in by the President of Pakistan, Dr. Arif Alvi as a care-taker Minister on the 16th of September 2023.


Minister Hasan, is a noted public policy practitioner, civil servant and diplomat with an experience over thirty five (35) years having served at the provincial and federal levels as well as having represented the Government of Pakistan as a diplomat.


He served as the 24th Principal Secretary to two successive Prime Ministers of Pakistan between 2015 and 2018. His work was largely focused on fruition of the China–Pakistan Economic Corridor, effectively spearheading multiple infrastructure & energy projects, directing multi-sectoral investment across the nation — overseeing bilateral negotiations and effective execution. He was promoted as a Federal Secretary in 2017 and served as the Director General of the Civil Services Academy in 2018. In a diplomatic capacity, Minister Hasan served as the Commercial Counsellor of Pakistan to Germany, Pakistan’s largest trading partner in the European Union.


At the provincial level Minister Hasan has served in a multitude of capacities in the provinces of Punjab and Balochistan including as the Secretary - Health, Secretary - Communication & Works and the Secretary (Implementation) to the Chief Minister of Punjab. Earlier in his career served as the Deputy Commissioner Quetta and Lahore, between 1994 – 1999, being the youngest individual in the history of the nation to do so.


A development and policy specialist, Mr. Hasan was trained as a lawyer and was awarded an LLM in corporate finance from the prestigious King’s College London and a LLB from the University of Punjab.


He is an avid academic, lecturer and poet with his eminent publication: Kunj-e-Kafas, symbolizing the transformation of Pakistan over the past five (5) decades, espousing a romantic self-belief at the start to a yearning for liberty of speech and thought in today’s Pakistan. He tweets @fawadhasanpk.

Email: minister@privatisation.gov.pk

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