Privatisation Commission Board Meeting

The Privatisation Commission (PC) convened its 210th Board meeting under the Chairmanship of Mr. Abid Hussain Bhayo. The meeting was attended by the Federal Secretary, board members, and senior officials of the Ministry/Commission. It was last meeting with the current Board members as the government has recently reconstituted the PC Board. 

The outgoing Board, which was initially formed in year 2013, consisted of eight distinguished professionals with extensive experience in diverse areas. During the meeting, the Chairman extended his heartfelt appreciation and recognition to outgoing PC Board members for their unrelenting efforts in making crucial decisions. The Board’s dedication over the past 10 years in achieving the objectives set forth in PC Ordinance was commendable.
The Chair emphasized that the contributions of the Board members, PC was instrumental in finalizing the privatisation of Habib Bank Limited (HBL), Allied Bank Limited (ABL), United Bank Limited (UBL), Pakistan Petroleum Limited (PPL), National Power Construction Corporation (NPCC), Services International Hotel (SIH), Heavy Electrical Complex (HEC) and 10 Properties. The outgoing Board members also expressed their gratitude and appreciation for being entrusted with such a momentous responsibility and for the trust placed in their professional capabilities. They also acknowledged the unwavering support rendered to them by the Ministry of Privatisation in executing their duties in befitting manner.

The meeting also included a comprehensive presentation on the current status of the Privatisation of various entities listed for active privatisation and other matters related to Privatisation Commission.

In concluding remarks, Honourable Minister reiterated that the Privatisation Commission remains committed to its mission of facilitating the efficient and transparent privatisation of state-owned entities, and these decisions and initiatives would further its endeavours to achieve its objectives.