Independence Day Message By Federal Minister / Chairman Privatization  Mohammedmian Soomro

On this Independence Day, we are again grateful for blessings that freedom affords us and opportunities it represents.  Our beloved and illustrious founder adopted the motto of Unity, Faith & Discipline and on this memorable day we reiterate our resolve to find light from these principles while paying a towering tribute to the founder of this great nation. We commemorate all those heroes who laid their lives and made ultimate sacrifices to protect this land from internal and external threats. This is the day of commemoration of unparallel sacrifices rendered by our forefathers, resolving to honor those sacrifices by working honestly & passionately for the prosperity and honor of our country and celebrating the great gift of freedom.
All citizens of this nation are equal before law and we pledge for peace, security; and fair play, we resolve to protect the rights of minorities as was practiced by Holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammed (SAW). We believe in equality and promise to preserve and honor this belief. 

This is truly a challenging period due to pandemic, but together we are battling it as a nation that is united on all fronts, I urge you all to get vaccinated. Let’s pray and hope that the future brings more harmony in our ranks so we could face and fight all odds together and come out triumphant with the help of Allah Almighty.

I warmly wish all Pakistanis Happy 75th Independence Day, while you celebrate don’t forget our brothers in IIOJK and keep them in your thoughts and prayers.

Pakistan Zindabad