Follow Up Meeting of Minister of Privatisation with International Finance Corporation

The Federal Minister for Privatisation, Mr. Fawad Hassan Fawad, held a meeting with the team of International Finance Corporation (IFC) for the region headed by its Country Director Zeeshan Sheikh. The meeting was attended by the Secretary Privatisation Commission, Chairman National Electric Power Regulatory Authority, Additional Secretary of Power Division, and other senior officers of the Commission.

During the meeting, IFC made a presentation to the participants sharing different best practices around the world to help the Government to reform electric distribution utilities with a focus on improved customer services, reduction in the losses and an enhanced user base. IFC also highlighted in detail different reasons for failures of Governments to successfully undertake privatisation of electric distribution utilities including lack of political will and absence of mechanisms including an efficient regulatory framework.   

During the meeting, detailed deliberations were made on different options available for bringing in private sector efficiencies in management of electric distribution utilities.  
The Minister while thanking IFC expressed that there was a need for seeking clear instructions from the Prime Minister / Cabinet in view of various decisions/ instruction in the past  that it will be in the best interest of all stakeholders to come to that clarity before proceeding further.