Mohammedmian Soomro , Federal Minister


 Mr. Mohammedmian Soomro
Minister, Privatisation Division
Chairman, Privatisation Commission
Ministry of Privatisation


A highly qualified, results-oriented international senior banker accustomed to large-scale global operations in diverse cultural environments.

Possesses broad, diversified experience with extensive knowledge of the financial and government sector with experience in corporate, strategy, operations, mortgage, commercial and consumer lending, investment banking, merger and acquisitions, private equity, private banking, foreign exchange and futures, control and compliance, human resource development, development of training programs, administrative restructuring, problem loan restructuring and advisory services. Global pioneer of Islamic banking and micro-credit banking in Pakistan. Successfully spearheaded the first World Bank and IFI supported banking, financial sector and administrative reforms initiative. Was the first chief executive in Pakistan to shift from the largest private sector bank to head the largest public sector bank. Received wide recognition for pre-eminent achievements as a banker and served as an advisor and a member on the board of directors for several companies in various locations.



A dynamic, highly accomplished and results-driven leader with over 10 years of governmental experience.

Successfully completed two terms as Chairman of the Senate of Pakistan, which has a hundred members and full powers of legislation and monitoring of the governmental functioning through its constitutional standing committees covering each department of the government. Served as the President of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan and caretaker Prime Minister. Guided Pakistan through transparent elections amidst deepening political and financial challenges. Experienced extensive exposure to all domestic and international challenges and assimilated a thorough understanding and knowledge of international and foreign affairs. Earlier served as Governor and Chief Executive of Sindh, one of the larger provinces of Pakistan with an ethnically divergent population of over 38 million spread over a large area and with its own parliament and administrative autonomy. Sindh is the largest contributor to the country’s GDP and revenues. During this tenure, took a number of steps to bring about financial and administrative discipline, as well as to accelerate the pace of economic development in the province and bring about meaningful changes in the quality of life of the general populace along with security, stability and ethnic harmony. Merit, transparency and good governance were the hallmarks with a surge in local and foreign investments and federal and provincial revenues. As part of the Taxation Reforms in Karachi, the capital of Sindh, contributed most in registering new taxpayers particularly among the small traders thereby tripling government revenue in spite of reducing and nationalizing tax rates. This was acknowledged by the International donors when in 2002 the province of Sindh became the first province in South Asia to be funded directly at very low rates and long tenures by the World Bank for restructuring and development programs. Read More

Mohammedmian Soomro

Federal Minister