Federal Minister for Privatisation Mohammedmian Soomro  message on  Pakistan  Day

Federal Minister for Privatisation Mohammedmian Soomro  message on  Pakistan  Day (23 March 2021)

This historical day epitomizes the hard work and struggle of our great leaders. Here we are breathing in an independence atmosphere due to our great leader’s resolution on 23 March 1940. This was the day when the struggles were streamlined. There were no individual benefits; everyone was thinking on a broader prospect, everyone was thinking for the Muslims of the sub-continent and for Pakistan. This day is a celebration of our triumph over hatred, bigotry and discrimination. 

Let’s celebrate this day with National enthusiasm and patriotic zeal. Let us work together for a united Pakistan, as divisions will weaken the edifice of the country that stands on Islamic ideas and beliefs.

I will urge the whole nation especially the young generation to love their country and be proud of their identity.
Pakistan Zindabad.