Roadshow arranged for HEC 

The Privatisation Commission (PC) arranged a Road Show at Lahore on 4th February, 2021 for potential  investors interested in  acquiring the Heavy Electrical Complex (HEC), an entity of the federal government located at Hatter Industrial Estate , Haripur KP, accessible through Hazara Motorway. The federal Minister for Privatisation Mr. Mohammadmian Soomro, Secretary Privatisation Commission Mr. Hassan Nasir Jamy alongwith Transation Advisors attended the Road Show. Interested potential investors including M/s Jaffer Brothers,PEL, Waves /Singer, IMS/Powerworld, AVS/Tapal, Transfopower, SAMIRA Textile, KE , ATL and Designs and Engineering Systems were briefed that HEC is the  only entity in Public Sector which  has capacity to make 70  heavy Power Transformers every year for all the DISCOs in Pakistan. Ideally located and equiped with all the infrastructure including plant and machinery installed at 43 acres of land with 19 acres extra land available for expension purposes. HEC also has the potential to make power and transmission Transformers for export with the injection of proper capital expenditure and better management. 

The potential investors took keen interest in acquiring HEC and asked different questions which were properly  responded by PC Team. Four  local Investors have already submitted their Expression of Interest ( EOI) whereas some more are expected from local and foreign investors by 9th February 2021 which is the last date for submission of EOIs.

The federal Minister for Privatisation conveyed  appreciation and thanked the potential investors for their interest in the transaction and reaffirmed the commitment of the federal government to reduce the losses of State owned entities and utilising the national resources for socio ecomic development of the country.