Message of the Minister

Privatisation is an important tool of economic reform for generating growth through structural improvement, removal of barriers and opening up the economy to competition. Privatisation program has been part of economic and structural reforms agenda of the successive Governments that along with deregulation and good governance seeks to enhance growth and productivity of Pakistan’s economy by harnessing the private sector as its engine of growth. It takes an integrated approach towards enhancing the private sector’s role and it goes beyond the transfer of public assets to the private sector through identification of links and role of regulation, good governance, market competition in fostering conditions that provide incentives for the private sector to invest in providing goods and services efficiently. 90% of the privatisation proceeds are utilized for retirement of federal government debt and remaining 10% for poverty alleviation programmes.

In order to turn around the economy the government is primarily focused on restructuring of PSEs and intends to make them self-sustainable. Therefore, a new feasible privatisation plan focusing on short, medium and long-term plans was approved by the Cabinet Committee on Privatisation on 31st October, 2018, which was ratified by the Cabinet on 1st November, 2018. Privatisation Commission has potential for large privatisation agenda of the Government. Privatisation Commission is vigorously pursuing for successful implementation of the agenda of privatisation for strengthening of public finances and efficient functioning of the enterprises on the competitive basis.


Mohammedmian Soomro
Minister for Privatisation/
Chairman, Privatisation Commission