In order to ensure high level of attention and to benefit from the collective wisdom of the top level economic managers of the Government, a Cabinet Committee on Privatization (CCoP) was created in 1991 to oversee the Privatisation related activites. The terms of Reference of the Committee are as under:-

  1. To formulate the Privatisation Policy for approval of the Government/Cabinet;
  2. To approve the State Owned Enterprises to be privatised on the recommendation of the PC or
  3. otherwise;
  4. To take policy decisions on inter-ministerial issues relating to the privatisation process;
  5. To review and monitor the progress of privatisation;
  6. To instruct the PC to submit reports/information/data relating to the privatisation process or any matter
  7. relating thereto;
  8. To take policy decisions on matters pertaining to privatisation, restructuring, deregulation, regulatory
  9. bodies and Privatisation Fund Account;
  10. To approve the Reference Price in respect of the State Owned Enterprises being privatised; To approve the successful bidders;
  11. To consider and approve the recommendations of the PC on any matter; and
  12. To assign any other task relating to privatisation to the PC

The Composition of the Committee is as under:- (1)

1. Minister for Finance, Revenue, Economic Affairs, Statistics and Privatization Chairman
2. Minister for Commerce and Textile Industry (when appointed) Member
3. Minster for Industries and Production Member
4. Minister for Law, Justice and Human Rights Member
5. Minister for Petroleum and Natural Resources Member
6. Minister for Planning and Development Member
7. Minister for Ports and Shipping Member
8. Minister for Privatization (when appointed independently) Member
9. Minister for Water and Power Member

By Special Invitation for all items

1. Deputy Chairman, Planning Commission
2. Chairman, Privatisation Commission
3. Chairman, Board of Investment
4. Governor, State Bank of Pakistan
5. Chairman, Securities & Exchange Commission of Pakistan
6. Secretary, Commerce Division
7. Secretary, Finance Division
8. Secretary, Industries and Production Division
9. Secretary, Petroleum and Natural Resources Division
10. Secretary, Planning & Development Division
11. Secretary, Ports & Shipping Division
12. Secretary, Privatisation Division
13. Secretary, Textile Industry Division
14. Secretary, Water and Power Division
15. Secretary, Board of Investment


• The Committee may invite such other officers to its meetings as may be required from time to time.

• The Secretariat assistance will be provided by the Cabinet Division.

(1) Notified vide Cabinet Division’s notification No. 5/4/2013-Com dated 20-06-2013