In order to ensure high level of attention and to benefit from the collective wisdom of the top level economic managers of the Government, a Cabinet Committee on Privatization (CCoP) was created in 1991 to oversee the Privatisation related activities. The terms of Reference of the Committee are as under:-

  1. To formulate the Privatisation Policy for approval of the Government/Cabinet;
  2. To approve the State Owned Enterprises to be privatised on the recommendation of the PC or
  3. otherwise;
  4. To take policy decisions on inter-ministerial issues relating to the privatisation process;
  5. To review and monitor the progress of privatisation;
  6. To instruct the PC to submit reports/information/data relating to the privatisation process or any matter
  7. relating thereto;
  8. To take policy decisions on matters pertaining to privatisation, restructuring, deregulation, regulatory
  9. bodies and Privatisation Fund Account;
  10. To approve the Reference Price in respect of the State Owned Enterprises being privatised; To approve the successful bidders;
  11. To consider and approve the recommendations of the PC on any matter; and
  12. To assign any other task relating to privatisation to the PC

The Composition of the Committee is as under:- (1)

1. Minister for Finance, Revenue & Economic Affairs Chairman
2. Minister for Law & Justice Member
3. Minister for Planning, Development & Reform Member
4. Minister for Privatisation / Adviser Member
5. Adviser to the Prime Minister on Commerce, Textile, Industry & Production and Investment Member
6. Adviser to the Prime Minister on Institutional Reforms and Austerity Member

(1) Notified vide Cabinet Division’s notification No. 5/6/2018-Com dated 11th September, 2018.