January 17, 2017

Federal Minister Privatisation Commission, Mr. Daniyal Aziz strongly condemns the news aired on ARY News on January 17, 2018 at 11:31 am and the statement made by Senator Salim Mandiwala during a recent press conference.

The ARY news item has falsely accused Minister Daniyal Aziz for financial mismanagement and delaying the restructuring/ privatization process of Pakistan Steel Mills causing an alleged monthly loss of 760 million PKR to the national exchequer.

In addition to the above allegations, Senator Salim Mandiwala has also accused the Federal Minister for intentionally selling national assets listed on the privatization program, especially PIA, to his favorites, threatening Minister Daniyal Aziz of legal actions against him.

Furthermore, both parties have used derogatory language against Minister Daniyal Aziz, which is highly condemnable and defamatory holding no factual basis

The Federal Minister has taken serious notice of the matter and will be serving legal notices against both parties for defamation and airing false news.