The Federal Minister for PrIvatisation presenting a plaque to the Chairman of Shanghai Electric at the Privatisation Commission. The flower of Shanghai presented by the Chairman SEP (China) presented to the Minister can also be seen

Islamabad, November 23, 2017

Mr. Yundan Wang, Chairman, Shanghai Electric Power Company (SEPC), senior representatives of Abraj Group and Karachi Electric along with their respective delegations called on Mr. Daniyal Aziz, Minister for Privatisation, today. Matters concerning the transition of Karachi Electric to the new prospective Company came under discussion specifically the processing of NOC for the transaction.

The SEPC delegation briefed the Minister about their investment plan to revitalize Karachi Electric. Chairman Yundan indicated their plan to invest $9.0 billion in KE by 2030 to upgrade the transmission and generation capacity of KE. He hoped that their plan would change the prospects and perspectives of KES as a service provider in the Power Sector. Chairman Yundan told that SEPC is responsible for generating one third of world’s power and they intend to replicate their successful experiences in Karachi as well. The Minister also appreciated KE’s performance in the previous years that could bring apparent changes in the system and hoped that collaboration with SEPC will help in improving the KE System.

Chairman Yundan described to the Minister of the Privatisation Commission the innovative plans of SEPC to introduce new technology to generate new electricity including from renewable sources. He explained that different sites are being identified to kick start the projects that will supplement generation of KES along with traditional sources. He also briefed the Minister about his plans to stop leakages but emphasized that socio-economic development of the target areas can play a major role in changing attitudes and in improving governance as well as recoveries. He also shared that KE will also continue to extend electricity to designated hospitals as their social responsibility. It was also shared that Special Emergency Generation Vehicle to restore electricity in the wake of crises will also be made available to ensure non-stop provision of electricity in Karachi.

The meeting ended with a note of thanks from the Minister for Privatisation with the hope to continue collaboration in joint ventures.